Effect Of Some Biologically Active Nutrients On Performance, Immunity And Carcass Traits In Broilers

Faculty Veterinary Medicine Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Theses Pages: 202
BibID 11822530
Keywords : Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition    
The present work was conducted in three experiments as following:Experiment (I)This experiment was conducted to study the effects of dietary supplementation with organic acid mixture and (organic acid- essential oil combination) on growth performance, carcass quality traits, blood biochemical parameters, immune response, gastrointesA total of 84 of one day old broiler chickens (Cobb) were allotted into four equal groups (21 birds\ group) with 3 replicates of 7 birds in each. The 1st group was fed on basal standard diet without additives, while 2nd, 3rd and 4th groups were fed on basThe birds were weighed individually at the beginning of the experiment and then body weight was recorded every week. The feed intake for each group was recorded daily. At 12, 21 and 42 day 3 birds per group selected randomly, blood samples were collected