Chronic Pathological Effect Of Senecioc Plant On Chickn S Liver

Faculty Veterinary Medicine Year: 19860
Type of Publication: Theses Pages: 82
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Keywords : Veterinary Pathology    
200 one day old chicks ’Faiyumi type- were d.ivided into 1150 chicks as test group and SO chicks as contro~ group,both groups were fed the- normal diet in’ addi tion to 3.5 ~t of the Senecio. desfontainei to that of test group for eleven months. The plant wa~’collecte6 fo barseem and veg~tablefields at Belbais region of Sharkei~ province ’(n~w Postmortl2m examinations were performed for dead and sacrificed birds, sections were prepared for microscopical examina ti On.For stUdy the effect of treatment on the fertility and hatchability rate, eggs were collected ahdput in the incubator till time of hatching. All different examinations were’carried out on. Blood samples of the sacrificed birds were collected andserum was obtained. The following ewamination were applied: 1- Haematological studies 11- Serum chemistry.Samples bf liver, kidneys, heart and muscles were treatedchemically for detction of pyrrolizidine alkaloids asresidue. Clinical symptoms which observed only after 3 months