Update in Neonatal Nutrition In Intensive Care Unit

Faculty Medicine Year: 20072008
Type of Publication: Theses Pages: 186
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Keywords : Infants new born    
The patients in the NICU are usually premature babies or extremely low birth weight who need first aids and continous monitoring of vital signs, blood gases,and bilirubin as well as daily weight assessment and weekly measurement of head circumference.Nutrition practices vary dramatically among NICUs.In many institutions , nutrition is introduced only gradually over the first weeks of life because of concerns of nutrient intolerance by the preterm or ill infants who is fed intravenously and the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preterm infant who are fed enterally.Extra uterine growth restriction is a major clinical problem for prematurely born neonate especially those who are critically ill. Moreover, malnutrition in NICU remains common .